Sunday, February 9, 2014

I Don't Want To Hear That

Have you ever been talking to someone and they tell you something that you really didn't want to hear? Or better yet, something you didn't need to hear.  Well tonight's episode I give 2 real life examples and one media example of things I didn't want to hear.  First, my co-worker thought I would be interested in hearing how his old (68) butt gets freaky in the bedroom. *side eye* Second, George Zimmerman isn't going away easy.  He actually wanted a "celebrity" fight with a black person so black America would ease up on him. The person that first answered the call was rapper The Game and then DMX through his hat in the "ring". Thankfully, there was enough public outcry that promoter Damon Feldman ended the match saying he had a change of heart in the matter. Lastly, there is a scammer trying to get me to send money to Africa so he can buy food.  I didn't want to hear that!
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