Monday, December 16, 2013

Suite Life Of Dylan Sprouse

Dylan is on the left

Well I guess after the ship docked The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody star needed a little career boost. Well as most of our celebs who feel their star is fading, we get leaked (on purpose) pics.  But, we love their insecurity as we get to google our fave stars' nether regions in great detail and often in HD.  

Dylan Sprouse (Zack) was this weeks good boy gone bad.  Well he isn't really a boy anymore he is 21 and ripped to death. Dylan tweeted that he messed up and he isn't 14 and fat anymore.  His twin tweeted him and implied it must have been cold in his bathroom.  In the first pic Dylan is wearing almost sheer boxers that leaves nothing to the imagination.  The second picture is a little more visual as we see Dylan with a cleverly place hand.  Well not so clever but you get the dick-ture.... ahem picture.  Enjoy!!

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