Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New Ghetto Tracker App & More

Wow, what a funny episode we have for you all this week.  On Real Talk w/ David and Nikki we talk about a new phone app that's coming to your device soon.  It's call Ghetto Tracker.  Yes, you heard it right.  David Foster has created an application that tells you where high crime areas are in your city.  Many think that this is a racist and/or classist product that keeps richer people away from poorer areas of town.  We, also talk about an article we read saying that Billionaire businessmen are dating and marrying black women. - Modern Furniture & Lighting

 One business man was quoted in saying that "Marrying black women is for grown ups".  Nikki, explained that he was meaning that black women are for mature men that are goal and financially driven.  Whoa!! In the last segment of today's episode we speak briefly about the new Discovery Health & Fit Channel's reality show, The Secret Life of Swingers.  I guess the secret is out.  But, what isn't a secret are the signs shared  from the Today Shows' Hoda Kotb.  Take a listen and make sure you aren't sending the wrong message or you may want to send the message... lol.   

Check out our latest favorite app.  Urban Namer is an app that takes a name you give it and urbanizes it.  Say for instance if your name is Margaret your Urbanized name would now be MARGARRIQUA.  hahaha
I thought it was funny and maybe a little offensive.  But, what fun is life if we can't find the humor in it.

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