Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Shopping While Black.. Illegal?

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First let me say, I respect the police.  I respect the job that they do and I know they are around for our protection. But, there are a few that still use the "if they're black they might be guilty approach".  

With that being said This is our True Story Tuesday Blog.

This weekend, I stopped into The Dollar General Store on my way to work.  This is the only Dollar General in my neighborhood so it's the one that I frequent.  As I pull into the parking lot I see a couple of cars parked funny and a couple of police cars.  As I get out of my car I hear some loud talking. I also see  that the cops are speaking  to a gentleman inside one of the cars. Now this is important.. I can't park in front of the building where I normally park because of all the commotion.  I parked a few rows to the right, get out and walk into the building.  Normally, I go straight for the cookies and cakes.  But, today I was looking for fishing supplies so I could take my clients fishing (I work for a facility that cares for developmentally disabled adults). So, I head toward the outdoor supplies hoping to find some hooks and a new bobber for my less than stellar pole. I am walking around and out of the corner of my eye I see a police officer heading in my direction.  I figure he is going to speak to the store manager because he was right behind me in the same aisle.  NOPE!! The officer stops me and asks if my name is "Tim".  How many black folks do you know named Tim? Anyway, I politely tell the officer that my name is David.  As I try to move on to the goody aisle (they don't sell fishing tackle) he stops me again and says, "Are you involved with what's going on outside?" I once again reply in the negative.  And before I can take another step he says, (again)"you aren't with those guys outside?" Now, I am irritated and want to be rude. But, instead of being rude I annoyingly say, "Ummm NO!"  And I proceed to the where they keep the sweet stuff.  I hear him say very sarcastically, "Thanks a lot for your help". I thought to myself that he was the one harassing me.  Thing is everyone is not a suspect!! The funny part of this story is that when I reach the cashier there are two customers in front of me.  They were both white and were walking around the store at the same time as I was prior to checking out.  Then Officer Friendly shows back up. This time he is addressing the white man in line ahead of me. I hear him ask the guy was his name Tim. (real nice detective work there chief)  The guy says yes and he takes him out of the store.  I was appalled and shocked.  I mean if you were looking for a skinny white guy.  Then why in the hell did you make a beeline for me and give me a "48 Hours" like interview.  

Have you ever been harassed by seemingly nice police officers that treat you like a criminal? 
The Nerve!!
Listen to the show above to hear this story and a few more of my run ins with the law while doing nothing but being black.


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