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Monday Television Recycle

Monday's Television Recycle 
for week
March 18 2013 - March 24 2013

*Spoiler Alert*
I thought I would start something new on my blog.  It has been getting a little stale and not freshened up enough.  I thought I would do a television "recycle" every Monday before the new week of television began. My week starts on Monday with The Following and ends on Sunday with The Walking Dead. My schedule is crazy but, I get them all in. 

As you will notice I love my supernatural themed shows. With that being said, can I ask..what in the hell is happening on Supernatural. Castiel is back (again). He is being torn between the Winchesters and the angels. He is now protecting the, recently found, angel tablet from everyone. I thought it was funny at the end when you see Castiel going to places unknown on a Greyhound bus. Seriously?!? I was happy to see Meg back, even with the blonde hair. But, I doubt if we will see her for awhile after Crowley killed her at the end of the show. Another week goes by and Sam has not had another trial to endure. But, Castiel spills the beans and tells Sam and Dean both that Sam is damaged more than even he can repair. Good luck huntee! 

 Another CW show I like is DC's Arrow. Although, it really doesn't have the comic book fanboy excitement of Smallville. It has the drama and the suspense, and not to mention the hunky super hero himself (Stephen Amell) *swoon*. Ooh Chile.. Green Leather.. Who Knew? I do like how they have sprinkled in some of Arrow's allies and villains. This last episode brings back The Huntress. While I will agree she is kind of the anti hero in the comic books. The CW makes her more so with a lot more darkness and anger. Gal.. What are you mad so mad about? Boyfriends come and go, even if your dad killed him. Oliver and The Huntress have that sort of Batman/ Catwoman love thing going on. But, this time Huntress goes too far and Oliver is pissed. I have been patiently waiting for Black Canary to make her appearance and come in, kick her ass and then claim Oliver as hers. The character is already there (Dinah Laurel Lance) but hasn't been transformed  into Black Canary just yet. Can we get some Black fishnets for Ms. Lance please. I will also be glad when they stop the flashbacks. When/ if they do end, I hope they keep Manu Bennett on as a regular. You know the hot gladiator, Crixus, from Spartacus. Yeah him!! *swoon* We will see how Oliver/Arrow handles Helena/Huntress this week.

I must be a CW whore because I am all over their network these days. Can I get a check?  With their recent addition of Cult, The CW has went from the supernatural and super-powered to super creepy. Cult is only a few shows into the series. And right now, I am torn.  I feel like it is the dirty cousin to The Following, which I love.  Quick synopsis, the main character Jeff (Alaric from TVD) has a brother (Nate) who goes missing because of this show "Cult" at the hands of the "True Believers" (of the show). So we watch, week after week, as Jeff discovers clues about his brother's disappearance. It's almost there. But, something is missing.  I made a comment on GetGlue (pushed to Twitter) the other day about how I hoped  The CW gives this show a chance before they cancel it. Hell they moved it to Friday nights after one week. One of the actors, from the show (Chad Rook) responded and said:
You know I gave my computer a *side eye*  Girl Stop! Nevertheless, I love Ms. Aisha Hinds as the shady detective who is some how mixed up with the True Believers. Can I ask why she plays so many police and detective roles? I guess it's work.  I am going to stay tuned for now. Because the cliff hanger at the end of last week's episode leaves us with Nate on video telling his brother to back off.  Why was he all bound up in that chair? And the video deletes itself. Oh well, I guess it can only get canceled or get better..

A few quick hits about a few other shows..

The Vampire Diaries... STAKE ELENA!!  Problem solved honestly.
Touch  If Jake was my little boy and kept running his little ass off and not listening to me he would get "touched" alright.  But, I do love this show.  But, I hear it may be getting canceled.  Maybe if they had stuck with the 1st season's formula instead of trying to make Martin Bohm into Jack Bauer.
The Following I am living for this show right now.  And Mr. Joe Carrol is an O.G.  I am loving how this show is developing.  Kevin Bacon has made an awesome transition from the big screen to the little screen.  And plus those eyes.. well you know.... I think this is what Cult wants to be, but falls a little short. I watch this show with my mouth hanging open half of the time, because of all the twist and turns. Good Stuff!!
The Walking Dead I will give a deeper look into this show after next Sunday's finale. But, I will say I CAN'T BELIEVE MERLE IS DEAD!! I was really starting to like him.  Daryl has to kill his brother the new zombie (courtesy of  The Governor)  and he is heart broken.  It was really sad to watch.  The finale looks to be explosive and I can't wait.  And last but not least can they let a zombie bite Carl's little ass.  sheesh!
Being Human I loved this show at first.  But, the whole Sally thing coming back to life (real life), and the little boy eating up his mom and dad was/is too much for me.  Aiden has gone crazy with the blood.  Josh, I mean really should be having a nervous breakdown about now. I am confused and tired trying to keep all of this mess straight.
Deception I do believe this show is being canceled, so who cares.  I did watch all of the broadcast episodes (11, yeah I know odd number).  This show's problem was predictability.  I predicted the dad did it and guess what, he did.  End of story..

And last but not least.. Why in the hell did they cancel Don't Trust The B in Apartment 23?  Kloe was my muse.  This show was so funny.  They go and cancel this show and Suburgatory gets to stay on the air.  What the hell? I will miss the funniest one liners on television coming from this show.  I mourn it's demise.  I guess I will have to rely on New Girl and The Mindy Project for all of my laughs.

Sorry, this was such a long post, but I had to get it out.  For the full audio version check out my show on

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